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In this joyful holiday season, the Train-Hobby Brass Department team wish all our clients and their families have a great time. Now is perfect time to take some rare, stunning brass models as the best gifts for Christmas.


We just listed over 100 new collections that covers European, American, and Asian prototypes. Many of them had never showed up in the North American market before. We also received one very special model from our workshops, EisenArt. It is a fully hand-painted German BR 01 camouflage steam locomotive. Please check it out on our “exclusive models” page.


From new releases, we received the new, amazing TEE set from Lematec, an impressive N-scale project (GB A 3/5) from Fulgurex, and a masterpiece from Eisenbahn Canada, the DRB BR 61 002 steam locomotive models.

(Update: 12-01-2016)