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A large collection of American and Canadian models just arrived. Many rare W&R and Van Hobbies items. Also we have some great handmade passenger cars from Andy Scale Models. Time to shop!


Dear Guest, At this holiday season, we reflect on those who have made our progress possible. We started this venture so that everybody could pursue perfection in their own brass railroad collections. Brass Department has grown into one of the world’s largest brass distributors, only due to your support. After twelve years, we continue to be excited to connect with train enthusiasts and strive to serve their needs better. We are incredibly grateful for everybody who have made it possible for me to turn my passion into a livelihood. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the trust and loyalty you have place in us over the years. Stay tuned for exciting new changes next year. May you have a joyous and memorable holiday season.


(Update: 12-12-2017)