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We recently received a large collection, which including both European and American models. Some of that are one of a kind and only available at Brass Department. It is time for shopping!


NEW POLICY: Because of a dishonest buyer, Mr. Anty Lee, from Taiwan, we carefully decided to stop shipping and selling to Taiwan.


INVESTOR ADVICE: Many people may wonder why the current market for European brass models are going down uncontrolledly in the past two years. Our global market research shows that unmannered competition of Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik caused this issue and destroyed themselves in an unexpected way. As a major brand in Europe, this issue will affect European market in the short term.

1. When Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik talk about factory extra models everyday, they actually tell their collectors that there are so many extra models in factory which means the quantity they told cutomers are much less than the actual production. Higher quantity means cheaper production costs for company but also means lower value in the future.

2. Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik always try to stop all sales on second hand market and force people to buy only new models from them so they can maximum their own profit. However, if they destroyed pre-owned market for their own models, this would ultimately mean you have no reason to invest on Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik models anymore, because you anyway can not sell them on market later. One of the main reasons to support collectors to spend ton of money on little model trains is the value it can hold in the long term.

3. Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik are talking about stolen models all the time, but never provide any proof of stolen models. We know this is just a “smart” idea from them to stop people buying models from worldwide but only from Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik directly to maximize their own profits.

4. So, generally, there is no major problem of Micro-Metakit and Micro-Feinmechanik models, but of the people who are behind the brand. With thousand extra/unpaid models in Korean factory, even the best model will be worthless later on market.
All in all, as a smart model train investor, you should see the fact and make the decision yourself.

(Update: 03-23-2017)